Get all your logs pushed to a single app.

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Brilliant Features

With a simple, fast and reliable infrastructure, LogPusher instantly provides a single point of integration for all your software and hardware log outputs.

Simple Design

LogPusher is not complicated. It has a very simple interface.


Powerful infrastructure providing speed and reliability.

No Installation

No extra installation is required, simple API to push logs.

Regular Updates

LogPusher is well maintained.

API Support

Simple development possibilities for all software platforms.


With extras like SMS and mail service you can receive logs without the need of 3th party gatways.

APP Sectors

LogPusher is fully compatible with all known open source systems and content management systems. We listed some of the sectors below for you.


Open Cart, Profect Commerce, WooCommerce and more.

CMS Systems

All .NET based CMS, Wordpress and more open source CMS

API & Web Services

If you have an API Product you can use LogPusher everywhere.


Telecom, ISP, Healthcare, Tourism, Transportation, Education, Entertaiment, Finance, Manifacture and more

Single app Notification system

LogPusher is a system that allows you to receive notifications through your mobile on a single application. Apart from push notifications, you can also receive information without a mobile client via SMS and Mail service.

You can integrate with any software through the API. Thanks to rapid API integration, you do not spend extra time for information and mail service.

LogPusher is easy to use on the client side thanks to its simple interface. Just generate API key trough our control panel and you are ready to go.

Your Benefits

Some of the advantages you gain with the LogPusher is presented to you below. Sign up for free now.

Reliable And Secure Platform

Your logs are secured with connections over HTTPS.

Enhanced API Supporty

It takes minutes for all integration via API.

SMS & Email

You can also activate SMS and Email notifications with a professional membership package.

7/24 Notification

Notifications of your critical systems always reach you in time

Our Pricing Plan

LogPusher is currently accepting free customers. Please send your contact information to in order to contact you. Our Packages listing Below.

IoT Pack

For Iot Devices

$ --- month

  • Total Users 15
  • Unlimited Styles
  • Advanced Protection
  • Cloud Storage
  • Backup Service
  • 24/7 Customer Service

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Dev Pack

For Developer

$ --- month

  • Total Users 0
  • Unlimited Styles
  • Advanced Protection
  • Cloud Storage
  • Backup Service
  • 24/7 Customer Service

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